Q. Are samples available?

A. Yes, samples are available for all our products. You can purchase them through our website or one of our 3rd party resellers.


Q. How are the tiles colored?

A. The color is burned onto our tiles at extremely high temperatures. This prevents color fade and keeps the tiles looking new for their entire lifetime.


Q. Are there any color differentiations between the tiles?

A. All tiles from the same batch will have the same color. Sometimes there are slight variations when tiles are from different batches, but we never ship out tiles from different batches in one order.


Q. Is the tile the exact same color as it is on your website?

A. It depends on your electronic device. All computers and smartphones display colors in slightly different ways depending on the quality of the display. We have samples available so you can see the color in person.


Q. What does “textured” finish mean?

A. Some of our products have a textured finish. When burning the color onto the glass, we place the glass on a ceramic mold with dimples on it. This gives the face of the tile a ripple effect which you can see and feel on the tile. Sometimes this is referred to as “rain glass,” and it looks especially nice in wet areas such as showers!


Q. Do your white tiles have a colored tint to them?

A. Unlike some manufacturers, we use a higher grade “Super White” glass for our white tiles. This ensures our white glass tiles have a pure white finish. Likewise, our ceramic white tiles have a bright white finish. When you install the tiles, you might see a slight tint, but this is due to light reflection from the colors in the surrounding environment (for example, your cabinets or countertop).


Q. What is the difference between 8mm, 6mm and 4mm glass tiles?

A. All our products are made to a high quality, but we understand that some people are on tighter budgets than others. Our 6mm and 4mm are a little thinner than our 8mm tiles, but once they are installed you cannot tell the difference from the front. The advantage of these tiles is that because they are thinner, they are a little cheaper! Perfect for those on a tight budget, or for commercial projects.


Q. Can I use a tile with a glossy finish on the floor?

A. We do not recommend using tiles with glossy finishes on the floor as they can become slippery when wet.


Q. I bought a tile with “random” pieces in it and it looks different to the image on your website.

A. These tiles are all laid out differently, so every sheet looks a little different. The aim of this is to add a more varied appearance to your installation, and means every time these tiles are installed, the final result will be a little different.


Q. Can I cut the tiles?

A. Yes, you can use a tile cutter to cut them.


Q. What is a hand painted finish?

A. Hand painted finishes, sometimes called “bambu,” are where every tile is hand brushed after the color paint is applied to the tile, but before it is burned onto the glass. This means every tile will have a unique appearance, as every brush stroke is different. These tiles are perfect if you are looking for something with a less uniform finish.


Q. What is the difference between a mosaic and a field tile?

A. Our mosaics come with a mesh backing. They usually cover approximately 1 square foot of wall space, though the mosaic may not be a perfect square shape due to the different sizes and shapes of the individual tiles making up the mosaic. A field tile is a larger individual tile with no mesh backing. It is possible to take tiles off the mesh so that they can be installed individually.

Q. How much product is one box?

A. Most of our products come in boxes of 5 square feet. There are some variations however, so always make sure to check the listing for the product you are interested in.


Q. Do you offer bullnoses or trims?
A. Not at the moment.