Returns and Refunds

Our return policy is simple: you may return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a refund. You are responsible for covering the costs of the return shipping.

All your returns must be accompanied by an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please complete the form on our RMA page (see the link at the bottom of this page). In the form please include your name, your order number and how many boxes you are returning. We only accept complete unopened boxes. You must include a copy of the RMA receipt we send to you in every shipping box.

What should I know before returning the tiles?

Was the tile received within the last 30 days?

We only accept returns within a 30-day period of you receiving the item. All our orders are tracked so that we know when they were delivered to you.

Is the merchandise in its original packaging and boxes?

We only accept unopened products in their original packaging. Our tiles are individually wrapped, and we only accept returns if the packaging and the boxes the tiles came in are not damaged.

Are you willing to pay for return shipping?

You are responsible for the return shipping costs and getting the products back to us undamaged.

Did I purchase a sales item/sample/discontinuing item?

These items are non-refundable. If you submit an RMA request for one of these we will reply to the request to confirm the item is non-refundable.

Did I purchase the tiles through a third-party platform?

Our website only processes returns that you ordered through our website and we do not process third-party platform orders. Please contact those third-party platforms for return details. Third-party platforms have different return policies and you must process those returns with them.

How long does it take for the refund to be processed?

Once we receive your return, it will take 7-10 business days to process the return and refund you the cost.

Is there a restocking fee?

Yes, we charge a 10% restocking fee on all returns.

What if my return arrives to you damaged?

There will be further re-stocking penalties dependent on the amount of damage. This can range from 20%-50%. To avoid this, please ensure you overpack the return and ensure it is well braced so that damage is avoided.

What is the best way to avoid re-stocking penalties?

Re-pack your return in new overpack shipping boxes. Do not re-use the overpack box we shipped to you. Do not send returns back to us without overpack. Re-using overpack boxes or not overpacking a return may result in an automatic 50% re-stocking fee.

What if I received damaged product and want to return it?

If the item was received damaged, please provide pictures within 48 hours of receipt of the item. We always recommend inspecting your order when you receive it. We will refund you for items damaged in transit to you. Please note, as experts in the tile industry, we can tell the difference between transit damage and other forms of damage (such as botched installations or vandalism).

Do I need the tiles in the future?

If you have a box or less of the product left, we recommend you keep the product in case in the future you might need them. Sometimes we discontinue an item and you might not be able to purchase it again.

Return Process
  1. Please complete our RMA form before shipping your returns. In the form please include your name, your order numbers, and how many full boxes you are returning. We’ll reply within two business days with RMA authorization if your order can be returned. Please include a copy of the RMA receipt we send to you in every box that you return.
  2. Please overpack the returns and use plenty of packing materials to support our boxes. Our product is extremely fragile so please use caution when packing the return. Do not just ship the tiles back in the product box, they must be overpacked. Non-overpacked items will automatically incur an automatic 50% re-stocking fee. We recommend taking the products to a FedEx or UPS store to use their packing service.
  3. Select your preferred carrier to return the items to us and ship the item with them.
  4. Once we receive the return and inspect the items, you will receive an email notification with the condition we received them, any damage and any other information. You will receive your refund within 7-10 business after. It will be refunded to the credit card you made the purchase on.
  5. Please contact us with any questions before you return the items.
What should I know before purchasing tile?

We cannot stress this enough, but please purchase a sample before you invest in buying our tiles. We do our best to provide the best images that match our product’s color; however, the tiles still might look different under different natural or artificial lighting, room decor, and surrounding finishes in a room, as well as on different electronic devices such as computer monitors or cell phones. Please purchase a sample and check the color before investing in buying the tiles. 

While we try our best to provide you a sample of what the color will be, 100% product conformity to a sample is not guaranteed. In addition, the color of any sample may display differently when large amounts of the product are installed.

While we understand this is the age of DIY, we strongly recommend using a certified installer to install the tiles. You can find a certified contractor through the national tile contractor association website. Please have the installer read our installation recommendations.

Our tiles are extremely fragile, please handle them with care and use protective gear to prevent wounding yourself. Do not let anyone other than professional installers handle the tiles.

Where sales taxes are applicable, all orders are subject to the taxes in the location where the customer picks up or receives the order.

Please click here to request a return